Terms and conditions

  1. All photos and texts are copyright and may no be used without permission from The Home Oven.
  2. Keeping in line with Islamic guidelines on animation, we do not create any designs with cartoon characters, animals or any other object along these lines. The most we could do is, create silhouettes or forms without eyes and other facial features.
  3. We reserve the right to decline any orders without specifying the reason.
  4. Any orders with the price tag of Rs. 3000 or more are reserved after a down payment of 50% .
  5. Depending on our availability, we may take urgent orders however for such orders, you are charged Rs. 300 more, per order. of the total amount.
  6. Please be reminded that every single order demands careful and thorough planning and time management. In case you need to cancel your regular order, or make major changes in your order up to 72 hours before pick up time, you will be charged 25% of the price of item cancelled/changed. If it’s only 48 hours left before the pick up time, cancellations or changes will cost you 50% of the cost of that specific item.
  7. The Home Oven reserves the right to cancel an order under exceptional circumstances. You would be referred to a fellow baker in such case.

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